A gift that gives back, “You Are Loved”

youareloved-igMost of us hope that our children understand the joy of giving, but with Christmas and Hanukkah and wish lists and presents, it’s challenging to shift kids focus away from receiving. So I decided this year, with my son being at an appropriate age to understand what giving back is, that we’d have that talk. I want him to know that it’s really important to give back and support others that may not be able to get everything that they need at this given moment. That there are children out there who’s families may need help getting them clothes, books and toys and that he can share some of his things with them to help. youareloved-ig3This inspired me to create a piece of artwork that gives back to a local charity. My inspiration for this new painting “You are loved” was conceived from my desire to spread a message of love and giving to my child, and how every child deserves to feel loved and to have the things they not only want but need each and every day. I ended up partnering with a local charity called Baby2Baby, which helps low income families receive the necessities that they need such as diapers, clothing and so much more. I created a special limited edition print of 100 art prints, made from original hand drawn acrylic paint and I’m giving 20% of all proceeds to this charity. You can share this message of love, support and solidarity by purchasing a print here and you can also help by donating your gently used items, for more information visit Baby2Baby.

New Artwork – “Serenity”

jujuzozo-serenityThis is “Serenity” my newest piece of listed art. This was a really special piece that I custom made for a client’s good friend and I want to share with all of you the story behind her creation. My client’s friend was expecting a baby girl and preparing her nursery in Ibiza. Since this was a custom piece I wanted to know what will be inspiring the space, in this case, it was going to be heavily influenced by florals but with a modern flair. This particular client loves roses, so I wanted to create a piece with a storyline inspired by these gorgeous flowers.

image2As you may have noticed, my signature style is a one color background. I wanted to pick a color background that felt super cozy, so I went with a color that reminded me most of the beautiful Ibiza sky. Keeping in theme with the idea of creating something peaceful, I wanted to paint a little girl snuggled up in a cozy gray blanket with just the most serene look on her face. That’s how serenity was born. From there, I added a flower crown to represent her strength, creativity but also her sense of calm.

The tagline I came up with for “Serenity” is “She has love in her heart and wildflowers in her hair. The serenity of a child”. Kids are so innocent and peaceful, but so wild and fun all at the same time. So this is what this piece represents, both the innocence of a child but their passion for adventure and exploring nature. I hope she brings peace and warmth to all of the new spaces she calls home.

– XO Jujuzozo

Alice in Wonderland Baby Shower

If you follow me on Instagram, you already know that I have a passion for styling events and parties. This is not my full time job, creating art and running Jujuzozo shop is, and not to mention being a mom and wife! As much as I’d love adding event styling to my daily life, I’ve decided it’s best for it to be a casual hobby, where I can be picky and choose what events I want to invest my time into. With that said, I love being creative and styling events here and there is one way for me to express that side of myself! I was asked to style a baby shower for a baby girl, and I just could not resist! I haven’t styled a baby shower in so long, so I was excited to get creative with this event. 1bd82afe-37bf-4af7-aea5-9129cb2c4676To start, I always ask the person that the party is for a few basic questions. I’ll ask if they have certain colors that they are drawn to so I can get an idea of a color palette to work with, also the type of venue location. For this event, the mom to be was having her baby shower in a cozy backyard setting at a private house and she loved the idea of pastel colors. So I decided a cute theme for the event would be “Alice in Wonderland”, but a more girly modern twist on the classic book. From this theme, this is the main dessert table that I came up with!01aea68e-074c-42dc-b906-f367afc63e06 Taking into consideration that it was not going to be a big budget event, I decided to dig into my inventory of party supplies that I’ve saved from past events and to also ask friends around me to borrow their pretty décor items that would go with this theme. 1cd000a9-9706-4928-9ae6-2238cae96f44 Being brave and doing some DIY projects for events helps a lot in terms of saving and being budget friendly. For example, the desert table I decided to spray paint my natural wood crates with pastel colors. I set crates at the edge of the table some horizontally, some vertical, and stocked them with all kind of props. Props that I used included: vintage clocks, stacked tea cups, bunches of flowers, candy jars, bunnies, moss, butterflies and bird cages. I spray painted 3 books, stacked them and placed teacups on top, and covered with a glass lid, topped it with moss and peonies. The table was full of all kinds of vintage stands and trays, still in pastel colors with silver accents. I used doilies under all the desert trays for some feminine elegance, which I dyed myself with food coloring paste in pastel colors. I mixed water with color, dipped doilies for a few minutes for desired shade of color and dried them with a paper towel to soak that water out.ea45f4f5-4ba1-45ec-b64f-a952e1419ad9I used a lavender pastel tablecloth for the long dining room table so it wasn’t too much pink. I added a sheer tulle fabric and pinned it into the front of the tablecloth for added drama and hung a beautiful tassel behind the table for some extra height. Having everything stacked at different levels adds depth to your table setting and really creates a more dynamic and polished look. For the chairs, they weren’t the color that I was hoping for, but as they were provided for me I got creative and tied some extra tulle and made bows from the pink and lavender fabrics to tie everything together. The blue chairs stood out less with this added personalized touch of the bows and everything ended up looking gorgeous together. Sometimes you have to get extra creative to pull everything all together!
43f96fb0-6a52-43a1-9131-36c8a1e0b937The final touches for the décor where the adorable cake topper by Homemadexojules that you can find here on Etsy, and other Alice and Wonderland paper signs that read, “That Way”, “Wrong Way” and “Eat Me” food picks from Amazon.
70d203ce-bd00-45fb-8cb2-34dfb1e26963 The food was brought by friends and family, people made nice cakes and cupcakes, meringues, and cookies and the main meal was buffet style. This also helped with staying within the desired budget. 5d88d46f-745b-4525-8f59-1fa43a652b33
I highly recommend that if you are in the LA area and don’t know where to go look for all these props, the Downtown Flower Market district is a place to shop! Just hop in from place to place and you will find all kinds of amazing goodies and décor options. This is the spot where I’ve gotten most of my décor inventory from.

Hope you were inspired by this party, and know that beautiful parties like this one can be done within a reasonable budget; you just need to get creative, crafty and resourceful!

XO Jujuzozo